Benefits of Olive Oil Leaf Extract

The benefits of olive leaf extract have been well known in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries for centuries.

This natural medicinal herb is extracted from the actual leaf of the olive tree, although there are also (lesser) benefits from using olive oil as well as olive oil and leaf extract combinations.

The benefits of olive leaf extract include:

  • Protecting the body from viruses, bacteria or retroviruses

  • Treating existing viruses including herpes and shingles

  • Possible Anti HIV activity

  • Improving circulation

  • Curing colds, flues and pneumonias

  • Aiding as a diuretic and digestive aid

  • Prevents intestinal muscle spasms

  • Used in ear,urinary, dental and surgical infection prevention and elimination

  • Decreases the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by increasing energy and overall well being

Several research studies have recorded and reported on the effectiveness of olive leaf extract in several different clinical trials.

The New York University School of Medicine has completed definitive tests that show that OLE (olive leaf extract) is able to change the pathways of HIV type infections and may even reverse these conditions.

The University of Durban-Westville in South Africa has concluded that one of the benefits of olive leaf extract is that it decreases hypertension especially in cases where the condition is related to salt-sensitivity.

Research has also been done regarding the antioxidant benefits of olive leaf extract and show that it possesses extremely high anti-oxidative qualities (1). Not only does this herb serve to remove free radicals from the system but it also helps to add protective qualities for the heart and circulatory system.

Through eliminating free radicals in the system olive leaf extract also helps reduce the productions of micro-toxins in the body that can eliminate many of the colds, flues and other respiratory issues that are problematic around the world.

Female specific benefits of olive leaf extract extend to eliminating yeast and other vaginal infections as well as helping reduce the symptoms of PMS and migraine headaches.

Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract
How Does This Unique Herb Work?
Olive leaf contains a series of phytochemicals known as secoiridoids. The most important of these – and the major active ingredient in olive leaf is Oleuropein, which in itself is comprised of 95 different compounds.

When Oleuropein is extracted out of olive leaves, along with the other phytochemicals, it works as a very wide spectrum natural antibiotic.

Studies have shown that this active ingredient is responsible for the numerous health benefits of olive leaf extract. It has been determined to be part of the olive tree’s powerful disease resistant structure.

Oleuropein is a powerful antioxidant which boosts the immune system, allowing the body to destroy free radicals and harmful viruses, bacteria and other potentially dangerous cells.

The benefits of olive leaf extract to the immune system are well documented – it is very well known as a non-toxic, potent immunity enhancer.

Although it’s individual medicinal properties are highly beneficial, if combined with a wide range of other powerful anti oxidants and medicinal herbs the results will be far more effective.
So unless you wish to treat a specific condition (short-term), olive leaf extract should be taken as part of a multi nutrient supplement aimed at strengthening all organs and systems in your body (particularly your immune system), while providing anti aging benefits and a host of other ?wellness benefits?.

Precautions And Side Effects

This extraordinary herb is very safe to use. There have been not been any reports of adverse reactions or other side effects, except that a few people experience moderate headaches. This is due to a detoxification effect and is not a counteraction to the herb. Few human studies with olive leaf are available.

No known studies have been conducted on pregnant or nursing mothers. Therefore if you are pregnant or nursing the best recommendation is to not take this or any other herbal extracts without medical advice.

There are no known studies of interactions between olive leaf extract and pharmaceuticals drugs.

The disease resistant benefits of olive leaf extract are strong and so it “should not be taken along with antibiotics, additional amino acids or any other mold or fungus derivatives.

It is not that they will do you harm, rather Olive leaf extract will see those things as invaders and kill them canceling the positive effect of the extract, instead of working on what’s important, healing you”. (2)


Icee Blue Refresheeee

Icy Blue Refresheeee

½ cup nut milk
½ cup frozen rasberries
½ cup frozen blueberries
.125 cup ginger
5 frozen strawberries
water (as needed)

Blend everything. Pour into pretty cup. Add straw. Sip. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
Serves 1

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