Grow your Own Fruits and Vegges using Aeroponics

Easiest garden on earth

Easier to maintain

No weeding, tilling or getting dirty

Less climate sensitive

Can be grown almost anywhere (including apartment balconies!)

Aeroponic garden

A Growing Machine

Clean Growing

Family Growing

Economical Garden

You can save ~$80/week

Vertical Garden

Educational Garden

Kids get excited about eating fruits & veggies

Great visual for kids that they won’t forget

Fun for the whole family!

It’s easier to take care of than having a pet!

Benefits of the Tower Garden include:

Closed Sterile system – clean & clear

Uses all-natural earth mineral growing tonic

Roots are trickled with mineral water & hangs in the air

No weeding, tilling or getting dirty

Continual production of food

Flavor – the best


Vine-ripened foods

Will pay for itself

Made from Double UV protected plastic – sun does not shine thru it or break it down – Food grade PVC pipe

NASA discovered that the best way to grow is using aeroponics

Non-GMO, no pesticides, herbicides, etc. If you don’t put it in your Tower Garden, then it’s not in your food!

Tower Garden™ Kit

Online Special of the Tower Garden™ Kit comes with everything you need to start growing, including our proprietary ionic mineral based plant food and gourmet lettuce seeds. This the only vertical growing system made from food grade plastic.

Tower Garden™
Gourmet lettuce seeds
Seed starter enviro-dome
20 rockwool starter plugs
20 net pots
Pump and timer
Drain tube

All the necessary fertilizers and pH kits:

Tower Tonic plant fertilizers
pH Test Kit
1 bottle each pH Up and pH Down
100 ml measuring cup

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